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Happy Birthday Wen Firdaus Aulia Gayo Azkael Aull

Hopefully with age makes you a noble man, the more loved God and loved God, the blessed age, merit increases, all affairs facilitated by God. congratulations BIRTH DAY

Nothing is more valuable gifts on the day your birthday
In addition to the words "Happy Birthday"
There is no prayer that can be said over
In addition to prayer hopefully long and happy

Hopefully more knowledgeable and intelligent mind,
I hope more clean liver and sage,
hopefully the bodies of the deft and skillful in doing good ....
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Happy Birthday Year
Wen Firdaus Aulia Gayo Azkael Aull

Purify yourself with ablution ..
Clean it with a spirit of prayer ...
To purify the liver with sincerity ..
Purify age with your love ..
Happy birthday to my friend

Hopefully in this day / your birthday and so on
Allah always give
Taufik Rahmat Blessing, Protection
& Safety, Lucky & guidance
As well Ridho Allah swt.

Thank'S Was Be My Guests
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