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Flag Counter

Flag Counter widget shows the total number of visitors from each country next to the country’s flag. Every time someone from a new country visits your site, a new flag will be added to your counter.
Clicking on the flag counter takes you to your Flag counter page which provides more detailed charts and information about your visitors.
See it in action Above Osfir insan Bersahaja Blog!
Example of a Flag counter
Here’s how to add a Flag Counter:
1.  Go to Flag Counter
2.  Choose the maximum flags to show, number of columns of flags and your color scheme then click Get Your Flag Counter
Please Note: most blog sidebars will only fit 1 or 2 columns of flags.
Customizing your Flag Counter
3.  Copy the HTML embed code
Grabbing HTML Embed code for Flag counter
4.  Go to Appearance > Widgets in your blog dashboard
5.  Click on the desired Sidebar to expand (so you can add the widgets)
Please note: In new blogs sidebars in your dashboard are empty and adding widgets automatically removes the default Edublogs widgets
Expand your sidebar area
5.  Add a text widget to the desired sidebar by dragging it from the Available Widgets or Inactive Widgets areas on the left into the Sidebar area on the right.
Adding a text widget to your sidebar
6.  The widget will automatically open — just add the HTML code from Flag Counter, click Save and then Close.
Adding HTML code to the text widget
7.  You should now see your Flag Counters in your blog sidebar and the flags will start appearing after 24 hours.

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