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Learning from the world of American education
There are many important input in the learning process that the authors observed when following the program of short courses to learn English at the English Language Institute (ELI), Syracuse Univerisity, New York. In many ways, the system and the ELI has a very good method
. This is not surprising given the ELI is one of the best English language in this country uncle sam. ELI is superior in terms of faculty, administration, curriculum, evaluation, monitoring and other good things that determine the quality of an educational institution. An enviable education system by various educational institutions in Aceh.
Author IELSP program (International English Language Study Program), which is a short course for academic English for two months in the United States. ELI is a course that demand by international students, and Indonesian students participated in one of the international class. The program is to assist Indonesian students who pass the selection to increase the value TOEFLnya. In addition, as learning American culture. To that end, in addition to learning English, we also studied American history by traveling to museums and historic places in America.
International students studying at the ELI 3 subjects must meet the textual communication, accuracy, and oral. All levels of the three subjects wore the same book but different learning objectives. In the process of learning any subject teachers every day using two books as a learning resource for students and a teaching guide for teachers. Interesting to observe it turns out the books used by the teachers have many similarities such as vocabulary, topics, or games. It really helps students to memorize the topics being studied, new vocabulary, grammar, and so forth.
Early Stage
The initial phase of the learning process at the stage of determining ELI is a class (placement test). This stage is done twice. The first implemented by ELI for all students. The next day, after a placement test results are out, students were asked to go to class in accordance with the division of ELI. Then, the second stage placement test conducted by subject teachers. ELI is a place of learning with a lot of interesting challenges, as well as the distribution stage. In ELI classes where there are 5 levels of class 1 is the lowest grade, and grade 4 to 5 is an advanced class. Students in an advanced class is eligible to attend a course at Syracuse University. This causes each student level 1 to 3, the placement test phase of the 2nd attempt to reach level 4 and 5 in order to enter keuniversitas. Placement test the 2nd stage is carried out by teachers of subjects where he saw progress every day from students, and determine whether the student's appropriate level up or not. However, in practice it is very difficult to go up a level.
The number of students in each class at most is 12 students to one teacher in each subject. At the beginning of the meeting, the first and second week of each subject teacher to strive for each student to know and respect each other respect. The work done is not the advice that good friendships, mutual respect is mandatory and so forth. However, these efforts tend to the introduction at the beginning of meetings and work in pairs (work in pairs). Work in pairs is done very intensively and her partner always changing. In group work, students are required to continue to discuss, argue together, find solutions together, and work for the group. No wonder then that ELI students know each other and respect-respect, but they they are from different countries. Some are from Germany, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Thailand, China and others.
The first meeting of each faculty doing the same thing, namely brainstorming. In addition to self-introduction, each lecturer gives the sheet that explains the common goal of learning the class, reference books, the levels of value and things that are assessed, the specific objectives of the course and how to achieve those goals and standards of grade graduation. In addition students are also prompted cautioned for discipline, which if delayed 1 minute, then it is considered absent. While absences are only allowed 3 times in 6 months with or without cause, if more than three times then considered not achieve grade graduation requirements. But this very balance between learning and time limits given absent. Classes start from Monday to Friday from 0830 hrs today till 16.00. while Saturday and Sunday were closed and ELI classes held various parties to help students spend his time off. If Eli does not have a holiday agenda, the agency will provide support such as information on places to visit, and sometimes drove students to the place with the transport of ELI own.
Contents Lesson
The lesson begins with light conversation between teachers and students for 3 to 5 minutes. Conversation flowed without any setting. Each student is allowed to talk about different things and respond about things anyway. In this process, the teacher asks the tasks of the previous lesson, asking students think about things or events, providing input ideology, culture and other sharing sebagainya.Penulis consider this an important step in initiating the process of learning as it could be ice breaking (break stiffness). This is evident because the light is almost always talks like this interspersed with laughter, and of course make terterik students to follow the conversation. After that class begins.
In contrast to the learning objectives in Aceh in general where the source comes from the faculty of science students, in ELI students can upgrade themselves well. Students are taught using the books subject. The things that are taught such as how to read the important points to know the parts relating between content and solve problems by using the book. This is the focus of the main goal in the first three months of teaching and learning. No wonder if the next month-month students had no trouble when subject teachers give assignments that have not been studied at all.
Students at the ELI are always busy with various tasks, whether it is the task of the subjects that have been or will be studied. In one day the student gets the duty of every subject area. In the early months we often slept at 1 pm for those tasks. But the sacrifice was not in vain, for having shared the great help when quiz, or class activities and so forth. According to the writer's observation assignments and quizzes, and other class activities synchronized in advance so that students who are less seriously misconstrued will only difficulty dikegiatan or other duties. Setting like this helps students to learn a lesson.
Besides setting, students are also encouraged to learn because it is difficult to pass from one eye evaluation subjects. Every week there are three quizzes that test subjects. Quiz is considered passed value is 75% in the scale of 1 to 100%. And, although not always, kadangkalah mild to reward teachers whose students scored 100%. Gifts in the form of pencils, or souvenirs, and other sebagainya.Sulitnya scores are considered graduate students must strive cause. A setting that supports student learning and encouragement for such a study, it made ELI as one of the best courses in America.
In the process of learning each faculty include the value of patriotism as the country's success in eliminating the practice of slavery companies in United, American cultures to be proud of, political issues and so forth. but it also encouraged students to think logically about various contemporary issues such as the problem of food crisis, global warming, the productivity of a country and so forth. This becomes interesting because students can learn and explore the latest information. Learning without lag actual information world. Besides global issues and current as this will automatically be discussed outside the classroom, and unwittingly helped the learning process.
ELI led by Gerry Deberly and aided by some administrative staff, IT specialists, and teachers of course. Gerry is a leader who is energetic, friendly and full of surprises. No wonder then that a lot of staff or teachers in front of students praising Gerry. There are even some teachers who, although not shown explicitly, Gerry idolized. They say that Gerry is a good leader, one who can enliven the atmosphere, on the other hand he was also firm, serious, full of proportional rules.
Administrative staff greatly help students in many ways. They make sure students do not mess around with things relating to the administration that disrupt the learning process. Often administrative staff provide short messages via email about things like a party for the weekend, bus schedule, tomorrow's weather and what to be prepared just in from the weather, as well as letters of administration what to bring to the administration of this and that.
Besides administrative staff also organize various petty party conducted by ELI for all students, teachers and staff at ELI. One party that is routinely conducted parti eat free pizza every Friday. There was also a party chairman Eli barbegue home, or place of sightseeing tour in Syracuse, meuseum and others. not only the party, ELI staff also held a seminar seminars as simple as how to write a popular opinion or seminars on American culture and history. Briefly ELI staff in charge of many things that impact the teaching and learning process in the ELI students.
The teachers at the ELI also interesting. They have a clear learning objectives, so notion of teaching and learning, mastering the parts of the book very well. Every day, students continue to get a good variety of challenges in the form of questions that require them to compete, interesting games, or just working group. According to some students of the authors ask, every day students get new knowledge both about the lessons or the actual information about, how to make friends, group communication, new games in learning and teaching others. It is not only recognized by students of Asia such as China, but also from Germany and saudi arabia are known as a country with a good education.
Teachers stimulate students to use a variety of IT tools to assist the learning process. Pupils should discuss with them using the website, or face book (an acquaintance through internet media). In addition, they also empower power point, handy camera and DVD. Handy camera is used to record student presentations, and training DVD for The English listening (listening). Things like this other than to stimulate students to use IT, also gives the impression of a new and not boring in learning. For the website, teachers often take the lesson material from websites such as,,, or something simple and easily replicated by teachers in Indonesia.
Years of experience, adequate funding, and backed by leaders, staff, and a good teacher, which is why ELI appropriate emulated. While there are a variety of values ​​that are not owned by the eastern ELI, but Indonesia's education would be better if you try to learn from here. With various adjustments and conditioning, InsyaAllah Indonesia education day by day would be better.

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